Other work


This Basic Instinct inspired spot was made for the For Film’s Sake Film Festival – a festival that spotlights gender inequality and actively seeks out ways to ‘Close The Gap’.

Starring: Naomi Rukavina
Director: Megan Riakos
Cinematographer: Meg White
Agency: GPY&R

Blue Bird

3 mins
Drama & Spec Ad
A young woman decides to finally seek help.


‘3’ Album – Behind the Scenes

9 mins
Step behind the scenes as country music singer
Amber Lawrence produces her latest album ‘3’.
Starring: Amber Lawrence
Director: Megan Riakos
Producer: Megan Riakos
Editor: Megan Riakos and Anil Griffin

Circus music video

5 mins
Music Video
Circus music video for Sunroom.
Writer & Director: Megan Riakos
Producer: Annmaree J Bell
Cinematographer: Bonnie Elliott
Choreography: Natalia Amoore
Stylist: Lissette Endacott
Editor: Natalia Amoore and Peter Crombie
Hair & Makeup: Debbie Muller Final Checks


Garlo’s Pies

3 x 30 sec
Garlo’s Pies TV commerical:
“When hunger strikes, head to Garlos”
Starring: Steven O’Donnell, Natalia Amoore,Catherine Terracini, Angela Ledgewood,Selena Hanet-Hutchins
and Ian Swallow.
Writer & Director: Megan Riakos
Producer: Annmaree J Bell
Co-Producer: John Frank
Cinematographer: Gareth Tillson
Production Designer: Jessamy Llewellyn
Editor: Natalia Amoore
Composer: Claire Deak
Sound Design: Angus O’Sullivan
Screened at Aussie Stadium
South Sydney Rabbitoh’s NRL season 2005.